Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ronda Rousey has Fought her ‘Pro’ MMA Fights Against Men

It has reveled how Ronda Rousey has convinced 'Dana White' to arrange women fight in UFC along with men’s fights; otherwise she could beat the men only for her laughs…

Before Ronda has started her UFC career, Ronda Rousey says she has fought against men in the streets of Los Angeles. In Round’s recent interview, she has told to an anchor about how she has caught up in street fights in United States merely for a few dollars.
Rousey said; “When we ‘me and my friend Jackie’ bunk the school, we went to the shore and walked over there. He was very claver and used to trap a few people to snatch their money.  He always asked them, would you like to win $10 if you could save yourself from my girl?
Most of them said “yes” we would fight and as Jackie knows, I have always fell them down on the ground within a few minutes. We always won that bet and we went out and we laughed…
Rousey added, “Yeah I have become the most paid "MMA fighter" of all the time but I always face the challenges of my life for smaller stakes.

She says, “These were my real pro fights that I have done for small laughter’s.”
She is an Awesome and down to earth person and a "Kickass" 'UFC Champ' smile emoticon


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