Monday, 21 September 2015

Floyd Mayweather, King of the Ring

Here are 15 incredible Knockouts that really describes the Floyd Mayweather net worth

With the end of every boxing match, there are some sweet science behind the scene. In boxing, when the fight begin, the idea is that only one boxer will left behind who will win. The both try hard to KO his opponent but only one can do it and it depends on their skills and about sweet science.
The KO is dream of every fighter. The numbers don’t lie and can explain the the fighters legendary skills. In case of Floyd, the current boxing champ, he has won all his fights with 26 magical “KO’s” and incredibly most of them has took place in the early rounds.  It looks like he is chasing the great boxer Rocky Marciano undefeated record. 

Check the video at the end which can give you a brief view of Mayweather’s KO’s story. His one punch can change your facial features. After watch this video, it seems like Mayweather was born to be a champion. He has successfully created feared fighter in the ring with his powerful punches. Its all about his punches and how he use them! 
Floyd is one the best boxers who has never lost a single fight which makes him special among others. As Floyd has announced his retirement plan, it looks like he will be undaunted in his entire boxing career

Here is video of Mayweather's top KO's!

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