Monday, 24 August 2015


Amir Khan says Pakistan can become one of the top nations in the world of Boxing

Boxing is the martial art and combat sport in which two people fight and their goal is to knockdown their opponent. Hand to hand combat sport has started thousands years ago but the boxing that is an organized sport has started in BC 688. The modern boxing is started in 19th century in Great Britain and it has spread in the whole world.
With the passage of time, boxing has become one of the famous sports among the people worldwide. Pakistan is the world famous country for the manufacturing of top quality sports goods including all kind of combat gear but unfortunately they are producing the sports goods for the world but not for themselves. Pakistan has made the FIFA world cup 2014 tournament ball “Bruzuca” that has become a milestone for the revival of sporting goods industry.
Luckily, Pakistan is also contributing in all kind of sports and especially in Boxing they are contributing from more than a century. From the former President of IBA (International Boxing Association) late Anwar Khurshid to the well knew boxers Abrar Hussain, Hussain Shah and Asif Dar. Amir King Khan is also from Pakistan and who has become the world famous welterweight champion with his great performances.
After starting his professional carrier in 2004, Amir Khan won silver medal in the Athens Olympics and then he hasn’t stop his victorious carrier. Amir King Khan is the British boxer of Pakistani origin. Now, Amir Khan has announced to support for the development of Boxing and other sports in Pakistan, during an event in Islamabad Sports Complex. Amir Khan said, Pakistan can become the world famous country in Boxing. He also said, “I strongly believe that we can make many champions from here in Pakistan because the youth of Pakistan is very talented and they just need to be pushed so they can prove their talent.” Amir King Khan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the PSB (Pakistan Sports Board) and PBA (Pakistan Boxing Association). According to this MOU, Amir Khan will provide all the coaches for training and the equipment while the PSB will provide all the necessary support to run this boxing academy in an efficient way.
Amir King Khan also met with CM Punjab Sehbaz Sharif on Monday 24th of August and they have talked about how to promote Boxing and other sports among the youth of Pakistan.
After Amir’s several tours to Pakistan for the development of the boxing, the world is very hopeful for Revival of Boxing in Pakistan. 


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